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Breathing it is something we all do, without doing so we would stop living. But the type of breathing that both I and the real author of this article are suggesting is more than just what we do automatically without thinking; it requires concentration and a bit of practice. The health benefits are well worth the time you take to do deep breathing.  It has a lot of value. As one whom has PTSD I na attest  to the results…I am a lot calmer and healthier. There is one whom has considerable more and in depth experience!

 Heather Lea Linebaugh is just such a person and I digress to her in her experience. She knows what she is doing. We should all learn from her insight & experience. The value learned from breathing and meditation is something that works and is well known in medical profession I have only add some links.  In her own words, she is very dedicated to breathing, meditation and yoga. Her words speak in my view volumes:

“I first learned of deep breathing when I was active duty in the United States Air Force and was seeking mental health treatment from a psychologist for PTSD symptoms related to my job. The extent of the deep breathing exercises were some small paper pamphlets that explained while having a panic attack, I was to take 10 deep breaths, and that would make the panic attack go away. They did not elaborate as to why or how this would work, so I considered it as some farce made up by the military to put off treating me, and ignored it. I would continue to stay guarded, wound tight and afraid of letting my body or mind relax, for fear of memories I tried to suppress drifting into my conscious thought.

Fast forward to around 10 months after I got out of the Air Force, early Spring 2013 and I was learning about Yoga, and the healing aspect of doing Sun Salutations each morning. I began to focus on deep breathing as I did yoga, and as I slowly transitioned between each pose I realized that I had heightened body awareness, which led to greater clarity of thoughts and a feeling of full body relaxation. I began to study meditation, to incorporate into my yoga routine, and eventually started spending 20 minutes before sleep each night lighting a small candle, doing yoga for deep sleep and then staring at the flame while I focused on my breath, breathing in the clean, pure air and breathing out the dirty, old air that had polluted my thoughts and body throughout the day. Many times I would close my eyes and continue this breathing sequence and feel myself in a state of relaxation that I did not remember at any previous time in my life, a feeling of peace and absolute calm, no anxieties or war memories could find me here. When a memory did pop up, I recognized it and allowed it to pass, because in this ultra-relaxed state, I did not react with fear or anger. I had found a safe haven, right there in the mind I was afraid to open.

I began studying about how the Parasympathetic nervous system must be engaged in order to influence emotional and physical healing and how people suffering from PTSD do not have the innate ability to engage the PSN because they are constantly in fight or flight mode, which is the Sympathetic Nervous System (SN). Through deep breathing and meditation, studies have proven, that the PNS activity is increased, leading to increased blood flow to all parts of the brain, and more steady and relaxed breathing patterns. When I discovered this information, I already knew that there was a direct link here to my PTSD and my inability to relax and let life move through me. When I sat down, wrapped myself in my meditation blanket, lit my candle and took my first deep breath during each meditation, I felt the calm wash over me immediately. It felt like a thousand tiny waves of soft, warm, clean water, washing away my anxieties, taking the power from my memories, telling me to, “just be” in that moment and in that day. Every time I practiced meditation, my mind became more relaxed and my body began to respond in miraculous ways, more energy during the day, more calm responses to daily stressors and a general improved quality of life. I was so enamored by meditation that I also began to study the use of breathing in exercises of all types, such as Yoga, the 5 Tibetan Rites and in Massage. All of these different techniques lead back to one thing, that breathing deeply and with purpose leads to healing thoughts throughout the mind and body. It influences your energy to realign and to fully extend that healing light to the farthest corners of your being.

The use of breathing and meditation is not limited to only select gurus of metaphysics. It can be harnessed by anyone who is able to take even a shallow breath. You may not feel like you are breathing deep enough when you first begin, but all these healing practices take some time to learn. The act of deep breathing has been scientifically proven to improve general well-being in people who are plagued with anxiety and stress and this is why many businesses and even some military units are teaching meditation and yoga techniques to improve their resilience and general mental health. The more we learn about deep breathing and the use of breathing to heal, the more amazing results we are seeing. And when it comes to healing ourselves and our brothers and sisters, here on earth, we have a wealth of potential. And it simply starts by taking a deep breath in and a calming, slow breath out.


I have included some links that will provide more information for all. My hope is that you will take upon yourselves this opportunity and breath deeper, our lives and health depends on it!!  Here are the links below. I can only say that I do meditation and deep breathing, so take a breath, your life is worth it!


Opening Volly against the dragon


We all whom have been in war know all to well the hardships and pains of what we have seen. Some up close, some from a distance but effecting them none the less and some the end of war. I am just such a soul; I saw the end of war…all the dead that came home. I also went down range and dealt with the souls whom have passed on. What I did during the war is not what is important…what IS important is finding a path to he humanity in all of us, that  is what is important! Not my story of what happened.

We are here and now in the world in which we live, away from the military, away form the sounds of IED’s and bullets flying and the misery which we all saw. Most importantly we are away from the constant fear which we all were exposed to. So what now, how to find a path to normality!? That is what we intend to do here.

We all have a dragon inside of us. That dragon is PTSD. It devours our lives, our families, our time, our souls!  There is no magic to putting this beast down! There is hard work; the kind of work that is not obvious to the casual on-looker, but one that is internal and takes time, awareness, we must all:




Here we seek to find programmes that help and sustain you on the healing that we all desire and with work can achieve.  Again there is no magic, just hard work! And you are not alone! we all here share in this endeavour. Join us, contribute! We all deserve to heal! We all deserve a good and healthy life!